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Neuromotor Groove

This class is designed to pick up where traditional rehab has left off. Those diagnosed with movement disorders (i.e., Parkinson's, MS, post-CVA) can continue their wellness goals to improve balance, strength, and range of motion in a safe class setting.

“Michelle Obama” Arms

For all the ladies who want “arms like Michelle Obama," this class focuses on upper body strength and tone, using your own body weight, bands, and free weights.

Gutts and Butts Express

This 30-minute class is for those with limited time who want an intense workout focused on abs and glutes.


Developed by Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise simultaneously develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It requires the use of the TRX suspension trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity, straps and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. The class is limited to 8 participants.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a series of flowing movements that are coordinated with the breath and is considered to be one of the most well-rounded forms of exercise for maintaining complete health and wellness. It is gentle on the joints, requiring great concentration in order to achieve balance. When a practicing student is focused on Tai Chi's graceful and sequenced movements, their attention allows them to move into a meditative state, which is why Tai Chi is often referred to as "moving meditation."


The term Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "union." Yoga is the union of physical exercises, mental meditation and breathing techniques which combine to strengthen muscles and relieve stress. The asana, or movements, can be flowing and gentle or held in place and strenuous. Some of the benefits from the practice of Yoga include stress release, opening up the body and mind to overcome challenges, and experiencing the freedom of letting go and relaxing completely in the final pose.

Moving with Arthritis!

Specifically designed for people with arthritis and related disorders, this class offers individualized supervision in a safe, therapeutic environment to prevent injury. Gentle exercises can help reduce pain and stiffness, help improve or maintain mobility, increase muscle strength, and maximize functional ability.

Strength, Stretch, and Balance

This class teaches appropriate strengthening exercises and stretches for all levels, and provides techniques designed to improve your balance. Though similar to the “Moving with Arthritis!” class, it is designed for those without arthritis who require stretch and balance training.

Pilates Mat and Props

After completing five private sessions, you may be ready for this intermediate Pilates class on a mat. You will continue to learn the basic principles of Pilates while using other props such as foam rollers, therabands, balls and small hand weights to challenge your core.

Pilates Reformer

You must have completed at least five Pilates mat classes to qualify for this advanced Pilates class, which uses equipment including reformer, chairs, and tower to maximize your core workout.

Pilates / Barre Fusion

Barre Fusion blends strength training, Pilates and ballet-barre work in a high-energy, core-strengthening workout that isolates muscle groups by using precisely targeted repetitions. Based on the concept that clients are constantly in pursuit of new and challenging results-oriented techniques, this method is designed to transform bodies, enhance endurance, and create the appearance of long lean muscles while increasing flexibility.

Stretch Express

A class designed to give clients a full body stretch routine that can be easily incorporated into their home workout. This no-pain stretch class allows clients to feel what parts of their bodies are tight and need the most improvement. Props including barre, chairs, and stretching straps are used.

Men’s Power Stretch

This one-hour session will take you through a warm-up and then delve into specific stretches to improve posture, joint mobility, blood flow, improve energy levels, decrease stress, and minimize the risk of injury. If you have a job where you sit for long periods of time throughout the day or a history of back pain, this class is for you.


Qi Gong exercise incorporates deep breathing and slow fluid movements for stretching and strengthening the muscles to achieve a meditative state of mind. The exercises found in Qi Gong involve gentle, rhythmic movements that mirror movements found in nature. Qi Gong teaches us to move our bodies in a similar fluid motion, minimizing the risk of injury while maintaining balance and focus.

LSVT Big For Life

Big for Life is a group exercise class for people with Parkinson’s who have previously completed the individual LSVT BIG treatment protocol. Big for Life will include 7 LSVT BIG Maximal Daily Exercises, Practice of functional movements & activities, Walking BIG!, and other fun exercises with a focus on amplitude

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