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SOFO Fall Greenscape / Make a Difference Day

Each Fall the SOFO Business District partners with the City of Annapolis for Fall Greenscape and "Make A Difference Day" by volunteering on Saturday, October 24 . “Make a Difference Day” is a national effort encouraging groups and individuals to volunteer in their community to improve the lives of others. 

We are looking for 2-3 volunteers to concentrate on cleaning up a specific area of the corridor. Bring a trash bag or two, some gloves and a smile. After picking up your area, take a picture and share with the other volunteers. Please then dispose of your trash bags in the proper receptacles.

There are 2 locations that will require yard work.  At the Bay Ridge Triangle we will be planting 200 tulip and daffodil bulbs, and cleaning out some of the weeds and annuals that have passed. At the Annapolis Middle School Fence we will be raking and composting the leaves that gather around the bottom of the fence.  If you sign up for this location please bring your own rake.

Click here to sign up

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