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what's happening at One.



Free Mat Pilates Classes

October is Physical Therapy Month, and to celebrate, One. is offering free Mat Pilates classes to new clients on Monday mornings at 9:30 AM. If you are suffering from back or neck pain, there is no better class than Pilates to strengthen your core to help unload your spine and alleviate your symptoms.

Massage- Free add on hot stone treatment

For the month of November Jeff Masenheimer, Lac, is offering for every massage, a free add on hot stone treatment, perfect for those rainy, cooler days, just mention this offer when booking.

Contact Jeff

Free Scoliosis Pilates Screenings

Have you been diagnosed with scoliosis or have you been wondering if you might have a spinal curvature? 


Did you know that Pilates can actually reverse your spinal curvatures? By strengthening your weak muscles and stretching your tight ones, Mary Christhilf is able to significantly reduce your angle of scoliosis curve.


Mary Christhilf is offering FREE Pilates screenings in November to determine if you would benefit from Pilates to correct your scoliosis curvature.

Click here to schedule your free consult with Mary to determine if Pilates is right for you

Yoga Flow with Katie

We are SO excited to announce the return of Yoga Flow on November 13th at 6PM with Katie Mazur our favorite guest instructor!

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