João Manuel Alvarez


João Manuel Alvarez MAOM L.Ac. studied the classics, philosophy and medical anthropology at New York University. He researched medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest, and examined the connections between quantum physics and traditional
(energy) medicine.

During his time at NYU, Mr. Alvarez completed a three year intensive internship in Er Mei Qi Gong with Sifu David Knoll and Master Wei Zhong Fu.
Mr. Alvarez graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest college of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States. At NESA, he completed a rigorous four year Masters Degree program where he studied Chinese and Japanese acupuncture as well as Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese nutritional medicine and Eight Organ Harmony Qi Gong.

Insightful, compassionate and effective. Joao M Alvarez L.Ac. develops a comprehensive individualized treatment strategy that weaves together Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and juicing in order to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

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