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Stacy Keith is a Physical Therapist (PT) and Integrative Manual Therapist (IMT). She began practice as a PT in 1997 after graduating from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Stacy’s clients expressed frustration by limitations in conventional Physical Therapy. She sought continuing education called Integrative Manual Therapy from 2004-2007. Clients began reporting additional more satisfying outcomes as a result without the typical pain of conventional PT. She completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Virginia Common Wealth University in 2012.

Her continued study and devotion to healing allows her to better discover the causes of pain or dysfunction, without invoking pain. Her goal is to restore clients’ normal level of function. She is able to gently decompress areas in the body to improve bony alignment, blood flow, nerve conduction, lymph drainage and facilitate restoration of organ movements and function. Many of her techniques are so gentle that many patients do not have an immediate sensation but see the effects several days later.

Stacy has learned many ways that the human body can heal itself. For example, “leaky gut” is a pathology wherein fluids leak from the gut directly into the blood stream. Surrounding tissues can compensate by physically adhering to the gut in order to patch the leaks. Often the gut will adhere to the lower spine or sacrum. The bones create a natural splint in order to prevent further injury to the gut. When bones adhere to the gut, they no longer move properly. This presents as a “lock down” throughout the pelvis and lower spine. Helping heal the gut and restoring mobility can then “unlock” areas restoring normal motion, joint space and nerve conduction.

Joint injury can frequently be linked to a specific activity. The joint may have been set up over time related to other soft tissue injury or infection. When the soft tissues are not healthy (from illness, infection or toxicity) compensation patterns develop altering body mechanics of joints.

Examples of what I have observed and successfully treated include:

- Mid back pain from a reduction in liver motion.
- Right hip or shoulder pain from liver-related issues.
- Left shoulder pain or changes in spinal posture from an injured spleen or pancreas.
- Bladder spasm resulting in overactive bladder.
- Swallowing or reflux symptoms due to spasms and/or scar tissue in the throat or stomach.
- Migraines from a spinal tap, followed by restoration of circulation in the area.
- Chronic fatigue and brain fog improvements following liver and lymph treatment, resulting from improved circulation and system filtering.
- Sleep disruptions following multiple surgeries on a shoulder. I have a series of techniques that allowed the full body to rebalance and detoxify.
- Reductions in stress or panic responses following kidney and adrenal work.

Those who have not responded or plateaued with regular treatment will often see additional improvements following work from IMT techniques.

Stacy is committed and devoted to researching the body as a whole system and working to regain full function in all of her clients.

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