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"Since my stroke, I have been to 5 different Physical Therapists. My experience at One. was by far, the best! The staff's positive attitude and friendly prodding made me do even better than I had hoped possible."


"My walker and I entered the One. facility three days after my total hip replacement. I had a pain level of seven and was trying unsuccessfully to wean myself from all pain meds. Five weeks later, I "graduated", leaving with pain at a level of zero to one. My team of therapists had made by early graduation possible with words of encouragement with humor and caring."

Sharry J.

"I was always greeted with a smile and enthusiasm. After initial consultaton, I was given a plan created for me. I was also given information on how the exercises would help me. Within 11 visits, I was able to walk better and lead the life I desired, a place I did not think was possible."

Gazella W.

"I was able to run almost 9 miles for the first time in four months- no ibuprofen needed- thanks to the staff at One.! Thank you! They were able to expertly diagnoze a pinced nerve in my back and through therapy and lifestyle education, I have been able to return to an entirely unrestrected lifestyle substantially more easlily and quickly than I would have thought."

Kevin S.

"My experience at One. was life-changing. My primary physical Therapist was phenomenal! She helped me learn more about my injury, how to heal, strengthen, reduce pain and get back to a more quality life. "

Rosa P.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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